Payroll Accounting

Payroll Accounting

By outsourcing payroll accounting and/or time recording and travel expense accounting, we create room for flexibility and the necessary freedom for you to concentrate on your core business.

Our iTEC portal solution relieves you of time management, payroll accounting and HR administration. And for your digital archive, you have 24/7 access to your digital company file and the digital personnel files of your employees via a protected VPN connection.

Strong mainframe computer infrastructure in our own data center, constant updates of accounting software (including changes in laws, tariffs, and others), and the experience of our long-standing employees guarantee reliable and efficient processing of your payroll (travel expenses). Data security, according to GDPR, is guaranteed by our ITSG certified software.

Wage and Salary Services

We will take over the preparation of payroll accounting for you, as well as all activities arising in this context.

Your digital employee portal

Your iTEC portal gives you maximum transparency and permanent 24/7 access to: 

  • HR master data
  • Current salaries/current wages
  • Relevant personnel KPIs
  • Electronic personnel file

Your advantages

  • Punctual and correct payroll accounting, with respect to functionality, taxes, and social security
  • Latest evaluations and statistics
  • Permanent online access to your current data, 24/7
  • Transparent variable costs per account/month instead of rigid fixed costs
  • Structured procedures through automated personnel data processing
  • Minimization of the most time and cost intensive efforts concerning personnel data processing
  • GDPR-compliant data processing incl. provision of the necessary ADV contracts
  • Access through protected VPN connection
  • Efficient integration of your professional resources.

Our comprehensive service for your punctual and correct remuneration statements

  • Preparation of gross/net payrolls for all employees
  • Electronic transfer of your monthly transaction data/time recording data also from your booking system
  • Electronic master data maintenance of your employees
  • Registration and deregistration of employees
  • Handling of all personnel accounting correspondence (e.g. health insurance, employment agency, third-party debtors)
  • Preparation and transmission of the required notifications to the social security institutios
  • Support with the audits of the social security institutions, which takes place on site with us
  • Preparation and transmission of payroll tax data
  • Digital wage tax audit: Creation of the DLS files for the digital wage interface
  • KSV query (artists' social insurance)
  • Preparation for eAU from 2022
  • Proper up-to-date archiving of the necessary documents
  • GDPR-compliant data processing incl. provision of the necessary ADV contracts

Time Recording System Solutions

We support you in the GDPR-compliant implementation of the time recording solution for modern recording, management and evaluation of work and absence times of employees - anytime, anywhere.

Electronic workflows for recording absences (e.g. holiday applications, sick days) save you considerable administrative effort and you always have an overview of the hours worked, absences, overtime and any bonuses. You can flexibly design the user interface of the time recording software according to your requirements.

With the time management software solution, you can map all conceivable time models in your company. All data is immediately evaluated in informative analyses and automatically forwarded to the wage and salary system. This time recording solution supports you in taking into account all legal and collective bargaining provisions as well as your company agreements.

Advantages of our Time Recording Solutions:

  • Electronic workflows for absence recording (e.g. holiday requests, sick days)
  • Reduction of the error rate compared to manual time prescription
  • All-round transparency
  • Latest evaluations and statistics
  • Permanent online access to your current data 24/7
  • Display of current holiday and time balances
  • Ensuring legal regulations according to the Working Hours Act
  • Digital time recording and integration of all mobile devices
  • Extension by access control possible (as ad-on)
  • Data security, according to GDPR
  • Access through protected VPN connection

Travel Expense Report

We ensure that your travel expenses are settled faster and more accurately with our automated travel expense software solution. All costs for business and official travel are fully recorded and can be passed on to your customers or clients as quickly as possible.

The automatic transfer and integration of the recorded data into your data for travel expense accounting to payroll and financial accounting significantly reduces your effort and the susceptibility to errors.

The advantages of our Travel Expense Report:

  • Fast and prompt settlement
  • Complete recording of all business and official trips at home and abroad including the associated expenses, e.g. additional expenses for meals / per diem, accommodation costs, travel costs, expenses etc.
  • Transfer of the data for travel expense accounting to payroll and financial accounting

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