Payroll Accounting

Payroll Accounting

By outsourcing payroll accounting and/or time recording, we create room for flexibility and the necessary capacities to enable you to concentrate on your core business. 

Our iTEC portal relieves you of time management, payroll accounting, and human resources administration.

Strong mainframe computer architecture (IBM iSeries), constant updates of accounting software (including changes in laws, tariffs, and others), plus the experience of our employees, guarantee efficient data center operations, including correct interfaces, and the greatest possible flexibility.

Wage and Salary Accounts

As your service providers in human resources management, we handle payroll accounting for you, as well as all tasks connected with it.

Your digital employee portal

Your iTEC portal ensures maximum transparency and permanent 24/7 access to: 

  • Personnel master data
  • Current salaries / current wages
  • Relevant personnel key figures
  • Electronic personnel files

Your advantages

  • Punctual and correct payroll accounting, with respect to functionality, taxes, and social security
  • Latest evaluations and statistics
  • Permanent online access to your current data, 24/7
  • Transparent variable costs per account/month instead of rigid fixed costs
  • Structured procedures through automated personnel data processing
  • Minimization of the most time and cost intensive efforts concerning personnel data processing
  • Efficient integration of your professional resources.

Our all-round service for your punctual and correct payroll accounting

  • Electronic take-over of personnel data and already existing time recording data
  • Creation of gross / net payroll accounts for all employees
  • Master data maintenance of employee data
  • Registration and de-registration of employees
  • Transfer of mandatory registrations to social security agencies
  • Take-over of the complete correspondence from payroll accounting
  • Correct up-to-date archiving of necessary documents
  • Support during social security audits
  • Compilation of necessary data for income tax registration
  • Plausibility control
  • Electronic transfer to the Finanzamt in charge

Time Recording System Solutions

We support you in the selection and implementation of a time recording system solution, for modern recording, management and evaluation of work and absence times of employees - anytime, anywhere.

You gain more efficiency by having less administrative efforts for time recording, all-round transparence, and productive time management. Plus you always have an eye on performed hours, absence times, overtime hours, and possible bonus payments.

All data can be promptly evaluated in thorough, informative analyses, and automatically forwarded to the salary and wages system. 

Advantages of our Time Recording Solutions:

  • Less administration owing to automatization
  • Reduction of error sources
  • All-round transparency
  • Latest evaluations and statistics
  • Permanent online access to your current data 24/7
  • Observance of legal regulations
  • Future security through digital time recording and integration of all mobile endpoint devices

Travel Expense Accounting

Our automated travel expense software solutions ensure that accounting of travel expenses is more rapid and precise. All expenses for business trips are promptly recorded in full extent, and can be forwarded to your clients or employers asap.

Automatic take-over and integration of the recorded data into your accounting significantly reduces your efforts and susceptibility for errors.

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