Systems and Networks


We are your competent partner for data and network services, collaboration, data security, management of terminal devices, an intelligent IT infrastructure, and cloud services.


We ensure that your data and applications are always available to the authorized user in a secure manner - cross-platform, independent of time and place.

We employ various standard solutions, such as Open Enterprise Server, Filr, printing services like iPrint of Micro Focus, etc.



We ensure effective communication between all parties involved:
across all business locations, by integrating all project partners, external providers, clients, plus, not to be forgotten, the employees of the company.

For your e-mail system we use solutions like GroupWise in combination with GroupWise Messenger by Micro Focus. Hereby you achieve fast, secure, and auditable communication, including calendar function, and management of contacts and documents.

In order to constitute effective project teams, we use the team collaboration platform VIBE.


We develop an all-encompassing data security concept for you, with firewall, virus protection, endpoint security, data backup concepts, and sensitizing employees to possible threats. We employ solutions by Sophos, Kaspersky, Micro Focus und SEP.

Our solutions:

Next generation firewall solutions: Our innovative firewall solutions do not merely protect ports, they are able to react actively to critical incidents, and, aside from monitoring communication on the internet, all internal communication is monitored, up to clients. Furthermore, through the sandstorm function, these solutions are capable of detecting harmful e-mail attachments or data, in order to examine these externally in quarantine conditions at the Sophos laboratory, before they can cause any damage to your network. Sophos Firewall allows you to set up secure company Wi-Fi, including corresponding access points, by upgrading your subscription anytime.

The firewall can also be operated using our firewall cloud solution.

Sophos product information

Our virus protection, which detects patterns and is permanently updated, lets you sleep more peacefully.

Our virus protection solutions recognize the latest virus types promptly and neutralize them without reducing the performance of the company network. They are easy to administrate. Upon request, we can be your systems and network partner and be in charge of the entire support. Your own IT support is thus relieved from the task and can concentrate on supporting company relevant, core process applications.

By integrating anti-virus solutions from Sophos and Kaspersky, you obtain a two-step virus protection concept. This solution can be entirely cloud based as well.

We develop conclusive backup concepts for you, to ensure full data backup of even critical data involving multiple procedures.

As a partner of the German enterprise SEP, we offer extensive, performant backup solutions at inexpensive conditions. Our backup solution supports heterogeneous platforms and offers – on top of the usual agents – very efficient deduplication of existing data in order to keep the backup windows manageable in spite of ever increasing data volume. Furthermore, simple management and reporting procedures, as well as data backup, are thereby ensured.

We can also operate this backup solution as a cloud solution for you.

Please find further information under “cloud services” ; “backup as a service”.

We guarantee that you can still lean back calmly, even if, in spite of protective measures, your data has been corrupted by unauthorized third parties. The Sophos solution we provide offers full encryption. Even if your data falls into the wrong hands, unauthorized persons cannot access it. This feature operates completely in the background without any loss of performance noticeable for employees. Only authorized employees have access to data without encryption.

Our IT infrastructure is located in high security cabinets at the data center of Rittal GmbH & Co. KG, with its own fire detection and extinguishing devices, as well as protection against burglary and vandalism.


Micro Data Center Level E (fire protection F90 as per DIN 4102, observing limit values delta T (50K), relative humidity (85% over 30 minutes), protection class IP 56 (dust and strong water jet) as per EN 60529, burglary protection WK 2 tool engagement portion in analogy with DIN V ENV 1630 smoke density in compliance with DIN 18095)


We offer solutions for managing and effectively installing your clients and mobile endpoint devices. Hereby, new devices are always installed individually, with the necessary application software, expeditiously, and in compliance with regulations. Patch management guarantees the system to always be conform to the latest regulations during operations, so that it may be used safely within the infrastructure.

Our solutions:

We employ the Client and Server Management Suite MicroFocus Novell Zenworks ZCM for all common heterogeneous environments. Zenworks ZCM is not bound to Novell environments, it supports MS-ADS and requires only one read access per LDAP to ADS and NDS. On the client side, Windows XP to Windows 10, as well as Windows Server 2008- 2012R2 are supported; in addition, MacOS 10.11.x, as well as SUSE Linux und Red HAT. Here, the software distribution RemoteControl, and Imaging are supported.

For client security, ZCM has full hard drive encryption for Windows devices at your disposition; in addition, full control of USB devices and USB ports. Furthermore, you can start a VPN Client automatically, or adapt the local firewall rules, depending on the current environment of the notebook. This works even without server connection by using the locally recorded rules. Should you desire to control the notebook externally, any internet connection will suffice. There is no necessity to employ services like Teamviewer, thus the data goes directly to you, not over third parties. External control also allows a three-way view, enabling an additional support employee to have access. 

When using external control, you are always administrator and you do not need to reveal the local password to the user, the user cannot see the password. External control is activated through the name of the user calling you – no IP or host name is necessary. 

For software updates you can block the application and perform the update first at the server, and then store the MSI or Setup.exe in Zenworks. This ensures that no one can access the new version on the application server with their old application client, but only upon having updated the version in Zenworks. Even when the user only clicks on the icon after three weeks, the new version is first installed before the program is restarted in the correct version. No one can access the old version through the new one, or vice versa.

After software installation of Zenworks Desktop Links, you can control the time when changes become active, and you can always adapt settings individually, if necessary, concerning users, location, time and date.

The whole administration takes place state-of-the-art over IE or Firefox. Thus you can administrate anywhere, providing there is a browser. Should an application not function correctly, no help desk employee is necessary, but the user can activate a repair function by right click on the ZENworks icon, even without admin rights. So you save an enormous amount of time and, in due course, expenses for user assistance.

We prepare software packages tailored to your individual requirements for automatic distribution and adaption of Windows work places and mobile endpoint devices – including tests of the automatic installation here, and transfer of the application to your ZCM environment.


We create an intelligent infrastructure for your requirements with appropriate Switches and Router, as well as Wi-Fi solutions, so all the information within your company is promptly available everywhere. 

By employing the Sophos firewall, you gain Wi-Fi that is future-proof, managed, and protected, without a great effort on your side.


You need to expand or renew your already existing SAN Infrastructure? However, you do not wish to have great service expenses for every expansion on top of the already high SAN hardware costs?

Then Software Defined Store is your future solution.

Due to the growing data volume, SAN systems need to be expanded or renewed on a regular basis with great effort involved. In this case Software Defined Storage is a cost effective, performant, highly flexible, and highly available alternative.

Our solution:

As SUSE Premier Partner, we offer you SUSE Enterprise Storage (SES) as a SDS solution. Make use of our knowhow as infrastructure partner of notable producers in order to put your SAN environment on a flexible foundation for future requirements.

Especially as a middle-sized enterprise, you can introduce solutions like those offered by large, global cloud providers, yet with a reasonable and adequate budget.

SDS is a solution which separates storage management services and hardware, so instead of using expensive, highly specific Storage Array solutions, cost effective standard hardware can be employed. Ideally, SDS is in combination with storage virtualization. Within SDS concepts, every available hardware item is assigned to a storage pool. This applies to SAN systems, as well as internal server hard drives of any make. The advantage is that every available SAN system may still be used.

iTEC Services & SUSE success story


We assist you in your decision which hybrid concept is right for you. We support you in maintaining productivity of your IBM i (AS/400), as well as maintenance of your RPG applications, thus securing your investments in the long term. The state-of-the-art infrastructure at our data center empowers us to offer you individual, modular solutions. 

Our modular solutions:

By means of our RZ-Backup Solutions, we perform data backup for you as a service, so when stored, your data is secure and encrypted. No investments in corresponding hardware and software are necessary on your side, and there is no additional effort involved concerning storage of data bands.

Our IT infrastructure is located in high security cabinets at Rittal GmbH & Co. KG, which has its own fire detection and extinguishing devices, as well as protection against burglary and vandalism.

As partners of Micro Focus and SUSE, we offer you the possibility of hosting your e-mail infrastructure on GroupWise Basis, without having to change the platform.

Aside from providing SaaS collaboration solutions, we can host your entire Novell and SUSE infrastructure.

We can host your AS/400 applications and data on our own IBM i (AS/400) at our data center. Via our data connection, we can initiate protected VPN connections from you to our data center.

Together with our experienced RPG software developers and IBM i (AS/400) system experts, we maintain productivity and your applications for as long as necessary.

Our IT infrastructure is protected safely at our data center, in high security cabinets at Rittal GmbH & Co. KG, which has its own fire detection and extinguishing devices, as well as protection against burglary and vandalism.

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